Technology Committee Announced

The Haydn Proctor Inn of Court continues to find the best means of providing infomation and education to our members.  The Inn is dedicated to providing a wealth of information in a simple form.  One of the ways we provide information is on our website.   Our registered members have access to agendas, seminar materials, and examples within their practice areas contained in the member-only education folders.   Three of our Inn members have volunteered to be in charge of their respective practice group's online materials.

Jenna Shapiro, Esq. will run the family law practice group's technical information.

Christopher Campbell, Esq. will be in charge of the criminal practice group's technical information.

Stuart Berger, Esq. will be in charge of the civil practice group's technical information.

Therefore, the Inn would like to thank Jenna, Chris, and Stuart for their dedication to the Inn and look forward to the benefits of their hard work.