Legal Tech Item Roundup

Here are some technology-related legal items that may be of interest:

1. There is a motor vehicle event data recorder (“black box”) legislation pending in NJ. This is the data that nearly all newer MVs record a few seconds of before a crash. The bill basically keeps law enforcement from getting it without a warrant or consent. The version attached below is a little unclear about whether an “owner” includes anyone other than the registered owner or not, despite the drafters best intentions.

-Click here for the Assembly version.

-To find out more about the EDR/”black box”, click here.

2. Here are two links on FBI investigation of otherwise harmless hacker activity. The first is written by an attorney who defends many of these cases, the second is an article about what seems to be the beginning of such an investigation into socially helpful activity.

3. Finally, the recent opinion denying alleged online drug market Silk Road’s head Ross Ulbricht’s motion to suppress reminds us that even if the Feds obtained evidence by illegally hacking into a data server in Iceland, you have to assert a possessory interest in it to get standing.  Click here is a copy of the opinion.