2015 Family Law Practice Group- Syllabus


OCTOBER, 2015 – JUNE, 2016

Chair:  Albertina Webb, Esq.

          1.      NOVEMBER 4, 2015

                  Presenters:        Phil Jacobowitz, Esq.

                          A.     Consultations and Retainer Agreements

                          B.     Pleadings, Complaint, Answer, Counterclaim

                          C.     Case Management Conference and Order

                          D.     Early Settlement Panel and Statements

         2.      JANUARY 6, 2016

                 Presenters:        Abby Webb, Esq.

                A.     Pendente Lite Motions

                B.     Oral Argument

                C.     Discovery

                D.     Pre-trial Preparation

          3.      MARCH 2, 2016                                                    

                  Presenters:        Phil Jacobowitz, Esq., Abby Webb, Esq.


                A.     Opening Statements

                 B.     Direct Testimony – Clients, adversary experts

                 C.     Cross examination – Clients, adversary, experts

                  D.     Closing Statements

         4.      MAY 4, 2016                                                

                Student Presentations