E-Discovery Success

On March 13th, the Monmouth County Courthouse's Jury Room filled with over 150+ people.  That night the courthouse had multiple screens broadcasting the complex and comprehensive seminar slides and the lecture rang through the courthouse speaker system.  Those lucky enough to be an attendance were taken on a journey through intake to trial with technology-based litigation tools.  The joint SUPER meeting addressed Civil, Criminal, and Family Law areas.  It combined practical techniques with caselaw and court rules.  The speakers, Jonathan H. Lomurro, Phillip Jackobowitz, Michael Warshaw, and Mara Zazzali-Hogan, J.S.C., provided an exciting and educational presentation.  Jersey Shore Reporting video recorded the event and is converting the presentation to be added to the website.  The materials from the seminar are located in the MEMBERS ONLY section of the website.  Feel free to download the information.   Stuart Berger was the photographer for the evening and his photos will follow in this post.  Also, event joined together two powerhouse associations:  the Monmouth Bar Association and the Haydn Proctor Inns of Court.   The result was an obvious success.