Sex Offenders and the Internet

This past year, in J.B., et al. v. NJ State Parole Board, the Appellate Division upheld the ability of parol officers monitoring sex offenders on Parole Supervision for Life/Community Supervision for Life to restrict access to the internet, regardless of how "ubiquitous" is has become in daily life.

Live NJ Traffic Camera Website

Here’s a website that has live feeds of traffic cameras across different highways in NJ: Check the pulldown menu on the left to see all of the different roadways available.

Open Public Records Act Power Point for Law Enforcement Agencies

I've been supplementing discovery requests with Open Public Records Act requests.  It's amazing what you can find out about the operations of your local law enforcement, even if just to store for later use.  I found a great website that contains a Power Point presentation on OPRA requests specifically intended for law enforcement agencies.  It breaks down all the relevant statutes and caselaw. Click here to see it.

Federal Sentencing Calculator

For those of you who dare to go where discovery rules have no meaning, I found a website with an interactive flow chart that calculates your client’s exposure under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines: